“STILL CAPTIVATED” - extras for CAPTIVATED: The Trials of Pamela Smart

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Day 5: Not Always What You Expect

Bill Spencer was the dogged local TV reporter on the case. In this scene, Spencer describes pressures that came from above and in a surprising twist, reveals his feelings about the verdict at the time of the trial.

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Day 4: Best Friends

Pam Smart was shown as cold and indifferent in the media during the trial, but her friend Sonia Simon recalls a side that the public never saw.

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Day 3: The Boys Are Back in Town

We catch up on what has happened to Billy Flynn and Patrick Randall, the two boys who killed Gregory Smart, since the release of the documentary.

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Day 2: A Single Tear

In this episode, Pamela Smart reads a short text over the phone to Jeremiah, the film's director, about her feelings when she was sentenced and sent to prison. 

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Day 1: The Murder

In this first episode of bonus content for CAPTIVATED: The Trials of Pamela Smart, we see a scene that didn't make it into the film's final cut. In it, attorney Maria DeSimone looks back and recaps the night in 1990 when Gregg Smart was murdered, going over how it - supposedly - all happened.

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