“STILL CAPTIVATED” - extras for CAPTIVATED: The Trials of Pamela Smart

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Day 15: Maiden of Metal and Sheena Steel

Pam's college radio co-host from the late 80s / early 90s, Amy Newman Bonczek, describes the hair metal days of their friendship, as well as Pam and Gregg's relationship.

Day 14: “every day at 11:30″

Linda Wojas, Pam Smart's mother, describes several instances of misconduct during the trial, as well as the effects of fighting it for so many years.

Day 13: Ripped from the Headlines

When the Pamela Smart case was still ongoing, several TV stations were scrambling to turn it into entertainment. Legendary TV film producer Stan Brooks talks about how such films and shows are made, and about the Pam Smart case ones in particular.

Day 12: We’ll Meet Again

J. Albert Johnson, Pamela Smart's appeal lawyer, talks about the process of having to having to argue the appeal in front of the very same judge who presided over the original trial.

Day 11: Emotions

In this episode, Professor of Law Scott Sundby talks about the role of remorse in criminal trials.

Day 10: The Crime Show

Some more archival outtakes from the making of the film. This is from a New Hampshire local access TV show about crime, where the Pam Smart case is discussed.

Day 9: From GED to BFF

Robin, who served time with Pam at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, describes how Pam helped her in her pursuits of finishing school from inside prison.

Day 8: Remember When?

One of director Jeremiah Zagar's favorite subjects is memory, and in this outtake, Professor of Psychology Bill Hirst talks about how quickly memories can be altered.

Day 7: The Cutting Room Floor

Here's an example of some of the wilder reporting around the case back when it happened.

Day 6: Storytelling

Professor of Law Richard Sherwin talks about how the story of a person can be created, bestowed, and co-opted, and how that comes to play in the legal system in general, and in the Pamela Smart trial specifically.

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